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  • Cliff Dwelling at Last Light I, 2012

    Cliff Dwelling at Last Light I, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 60cm x 76cm, SOLD
    There were mysterious carved out windows in the centre of solid looking rock, exposed rooms where part of the rock had completely sheered off and Greek ruined buildings. The arches and alters of beautiful old churches carved into the rock still remained in some places with simple paintings of symbolic abstract patterns and everyday life such as chickens and plants. The reds and oranges of the pictures seemed to be the pigment that had lasted the exposure to light.  The rock was very soft and due to storms and wind, impressive rock formations had been created.

  • Cliff Dwelling at Last Light II, 2012

    Cliff Dwelling at Last Light II, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 2012, 60cm x 76cm, SOLD
    Early on after exploring the nearby area I came across the valley that my balcony overlooked. Little did I realise what a sight looking back at the cave openings in the cliff would be because of the combination of shapes that had been formed from years of natural erosion and the details of habitation. I liked the combination of organic weathered forms of the rock and the urban details of balconies and chairs.

  • Apricot Rooftops, 2012

    Apricot Rooftops, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 60cm x 76cm
    The work of the donkeys had in some cases been replaced by small tractors but other than that the majority of the people continued to live off the land having little plots of ground around the village for fruit and vegetables. The donkey in the picture though was quite a naughty one and needed quite a lot of encouragement to get it to do anything. It was the beginning of the apricot season when I arrived and as time went on the flat rooftops of the houses became more and more covered with drying apricots. This was an impressive scene when viewed from above. It was generally the women who took the stones out of them and from their rooftop vantage point were in prime position to see what was going on in the village had have a good gossip.

  • New World in Cappadocia, 2012

    New World in Cappadocia, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 60x76cm
    The village 'Ibramhimpasa' was wonderfully undeveloped and felt like it had changed very little had changed in a long time however with increasing amounts of tourists attracted to the area rapid building work was starting to take place. The piece combines the old and new and is partly made up of collected bits of discarded building materials.


  • High Rise Lives, 2012

    High Rise Lives, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 141cm x 79cm
    It was 40°C but sitting on the bus I was drawn to go back and investigate those highrise buildings that the bus had passed on the outskirts of Belgrade. As I walked back, the sun was setting and the colours changing rapidly. While sketching it people came in and out, put out clothes to dry, shouted form their balconies and it got you to wondering what different lives people live so close together and perhaps having no idea of what the interests of the person right next door to you, under or over you might be. 

  • A Lingering Presence, 2012

    A Lingering Presence, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 60cm x 76cm
    An abandoned house amongst some of the caves, the only inhabitant being a big bone, possibly a donkey foot! One of the other artists, Rachel, wondered through the house, her silhouette in the doorway, like a ghostly presence. You wondered who had lived there and what was going to be the next phase for the building with planning permission signs on it.

  • Cappadocia River Valley View, 2012

    Cappadocia River Valley View, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 2012, 76cm x 60cm, SOLD
    From the art residency you could scramble down into the fertile valley and look up at the labrith of tunnels and rooms carved into the rock up above you with people's lives intertwined about them. This piece is on display at The Jerram Gallery.

  • Sideview Cities, 2012

    Sideview Cities, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 141cm x 79cm
    A piece documenting some of the most notable buildings on the journey through Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade as if you were a bird flying past!        

  • Aya Sofia by Night, 2012

    Aya Sofia by Night, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 141cm x 79cm
    A dramatic scene by day, at night the Aya Sofia is almost otherworldly and perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world.

  • Back of the Bizarre, 2012

    Back of the Bizarre, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 80cm x 100cm
    The back of the Souks was lively and very much Istanbul, cars rushed past, people criss crossed the road, sellers selling their wares, the buildings slightly dilapidated but festooned with bilboards and advertisments for products, shops and services with grand towers and minarets amongst them.   

  • Budapest Roof Lines, 2012

    Budapest Roof Lines, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 76cm x 59cm
    What had first caught my attention for this piece was various streams of different coloured paint running down the side of one of the buildings. Was this an contemporary art piece or a random act? Other than that some people might have described the view as non descript but just a large expanse of polluted brickwork, but I liked the silhouetted roof lines and undulating shapes created like a mountain range.

  • Building the Old, 2012

    Building the Old, 2012

    MIXED MEDIA, 100cm x 80cm, SOLD
    Based on one of the main streets in Berlin leading up to the Brandenberg Gates I liked the way the cranes seem to grow rather elegantly out of the old buildings. Tourists from all over the world rushed past in an attempt to ‘do’ Berlin in a day while a cycle taxi driver, unconcerned with touting for trade, spread out on the back seat and became absorbed in his newspaper.