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13 Jun 16

'Wisp of Wisdom' Book Crowdfunding Campaign

evb news JUNE16-02

Now In the final week of this project to fund books going to the Korup forest in the Camaroon. Please support it/buy a book and share the link. It is based on some of the folklore tales of mesmorising animals that inhabit this jungle. For each book that is purchased here multiple copies are sent to the Camaroon. To fund the project further three limited edition prints (two below) of the illustrations and the original piece 'The Francolin's Legs' 17x23cm (above) by Emmie are available to buy with all proceeds going to the not for profit project campaign.  For more info please visit the Crowd funding Campaign

Thanks for the support.

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Limited edition jungle prints available: www.indiegogo.com/projects/cameroon-stories#/