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14 Dec 16

Book launch of 'A Wisp of Wisdom' at Blackwells Bookshop, illustrated by Emmie

A great evening was had by all at the launch of 'A Wisp of Wisdom' at Blackwells Bookshop in Oxford in December. 

A recap on the project...


We are eleven children's authors, an artist, a publisher, and a conservation project, working together to create a very special book.

Our book is inspired by traditional animal stories from the Korup forest in Cameroon: stories full of tricky tortoises, cunning monkeys, flies stronger than elephants, despicable crocodiles, and animals holding meetings up in the sky.

The tales are beautiful, and they are being lost. The children in the Korup have no books. (We mean this. No books. None.) They will never read their stories.

Our plan is simple: we have collected tales from the region's chiefs and elders. We borrow the stories, retell them in our book and then give them back.

We aim to give at least 2,000 free copies of our book to children in the Korup.

Please find more about the project or to buy a copy please visit:  Lantana Publishing

Also available at: Waterstones and Amazon

Featured in: The North Somerset teachers Book Award

The book launch evening: The North Somerset teachers Book Award Blackwells Launch

Featured in: The Bookseller