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14 May 16

Coming soon: The art of the Crayon

Emmie's work is featured in The Art of the Crayon book 'a gallery of works by contemporary artists and sculptors who use crayons as a diverse and dynamic medium'. Due to be released on 1st August, pre sale copies available now through the link.

02 May 16

Artist of the Month


Hamilton House are showing a little exhibition of Emmie's prints and cards in the Canteen in Bristol. As artist of the month the work has appeared on the front cover of the building's brochure which is widely distributed around Bristol.

30 Mar 16

AAF New York

Apparently an outstanding art fair with the mood in New York positive (helped by 70 degree temperatures heralding Spring / early Summer. ) There were about 70 galleries from all over the world, most( but not all ) did well. It was extremely well – attended by a wide range of people from the opening night preview last Wednesday to the Sunday close at the Metropolitan Pavillion. 

09 Mar 16

AAF Battersea 9th-13th March


'Amber Glow on Bosphorus Shores' was shown at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea in March alongside 'Istanbul dreaming'. Both are interpretations of the same mosque but the techniques involved and the outcome produced are very different. 

The pieces are based on a little mosque found on the banks of the Asian side of the Bosphorus in Istanbul and was built in 1894 by two Armenian brothers in a Neo-Baroque style. A huge modern bridge frames the skyline behind it. This is a favourite building to paint, I like the shape of the mosque which is both simple and yet delicately build and decorated. I first came across it when on a boat going down the river to some ruins and I was frantically sketching as much of the bank as I could. There are some beautiful, dilapidated mansions on the banks of the river, which are apparently in some danger as its not unusual for big boats to plough into them as get taken by the fierce currents! However, I was particularly taken by the mosque and how it changes as different times of the day and almost glows at night. There is quite a magical element to the river, the stories you hear and how the mist comes off it at certain times of the day. I wanted to try to recreate an element of this in the pieces. 'Amber Glow on Bosphorus Shores' is predominately made up of gold leaf and acrylics but also incorporates coffee washes, electrical wire, a stamp, Istanbul newspaper, rice and money amongst other things. It has been built up and scratched away and built up again.  When I first saw it I was en route travelling by train between Berlin and Cappadocia, where I was going to do an art residency in a cave complex. I was preparing a body of work based on the changing architecture travelling through Europe from the West to the East.


02 Mar 16

Onto thin Ice


Just returned from a stunningly beautiful and inspiring trip trekking along a frozen river which is an ancient trading route and takes you into a remote valley in Ladakh, Northern India. This adorable little lot came to join me while I was sketching their house, commenting on every brushstroke! It was a quick sketch using a pencil and the sand on the ground, (which they found very funny!) It was made even quicker by the fact that it was so cold my paint brush started to ice up before I could use it. Hope to have a blog post to follow soon.


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