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08 Feb 14

Work in Progress

News the shack

Emmie is based in the Alps for the time-being and working from the mountains and old buildings around. This piece 'The Pirate House' based on a hut in the woods, the outside of it covered in paintings from bygone inhabitants, old fashioned damaged mountain equipment and other strange miscellaneous objects. A river for water and solar panels for the electricity, the place has stories as do the people who pass through it. A fun place to work from though -12C at night you have to be tough to stay for long! A work in progress...

08 Feb 14

2014 Exhibitions

Emmie will be exhibiting at AAF in Battersea 13-16th March, other work is being shipped to AAF in Hong Kong in 21-23rd March. The work is represented by Quantum Gallery based in London. Quantum Gallery

06 Feb 14

Exhibiting with Edinburgh Drawing School in the Spring


Emmie is looking forward to exhibiting with EDS, Edinburgh Drawing School in the Spring. Further details will be posted nearer the time. Edinburgh Drawing School

27 Nov 13

New work at The Jerram Gallery

evb News Jerram-gallery

Work is now being exhibited at The Jerram Gallery in Sherborne, Dorset. This collection of work is mainly based on France, the villages and villagers, for more info please visit: The Jerram Gallery

19 Oct 13

Work to be exhibited at The Wiseman Gallery from 19th October


Emmie is exhibiting a small selection of work based on autumnal glimpses of Oxford buildings from 19th October onwards. 

'In her new series about Oxford, familiar buildings have been imbued with this sense of adventure and travel. Playing on a traveller's personal experience of exploring a city, she tends to exaggerate particularly exotic architectural features, allowing the viewer, who may be very familiar with Oxford, to feel that they are encountering the buildings for the first time, noticing new things that we normally take for granted.'

Women art dealer's article about the exhibition

The Sarah Wiseman Gallery


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