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  • A Tale of Two Cities, 2011

    A Tale of Two Cities, 2011

    MIXED MEDIA, 122cm x 93cm, SOLD

  • Amara's Journey, 2011

    Amara's Journey, 2011

    MIXED MEDIA, 122cm x 93cm, SOLD
    A commission completed in 2011 for ‘The Apprentice’ runner-up Saira Kahn, who adopted a daughter from Karachi, Pakistan. Saira’s experience was filmed for a BBC2 documentary, ‘Saira Kahn Adopts Abroad’ and the piece was to be the shown as the culmination of the documentary.  Emmie was asked by Saira to create an art-work for her adopted daughter that tells the story of her journey to her new home in the UK. The story-board style painting, echoing an ancient medieval tradition of icon painting, uses images to tell the story. Birds represent Saira’s family members, and the river Indus, which dissects Pakistan, winds through the piece down to the huge port city of Karachi and the sea, it represents the ups and downs of life. London and Karachi buildings signify the huge journey, both physical and emotional made by Saira and her family.

    The  first detail from 'Amara's Journey' depicts Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi, the impressive head and founder of the Edhi Foundation, a non-profit social welfare program in Pakistan which setup the orphanage where Amara came from.

  • The Mystic

    The Mystic

    MIXED MEDIA, 12cm x 16cm, SOLD

  • Istanbul Ortakoyv, 2011

    Istanbul Ortakoyv, 2011

    MIXED MEDIA, 89cm x 74cm, SOLD
    Based on a beautiful, intricate little mosque that sits on the Asian side next to the Bosphorus.

  • Layered Istanbul, 2010

    Layered Istanbul, 2010

    MIXED MEDIA, 89cm x 74cm, SOLD
    Influenced by the architecture in Istanbul and the way that minerets, crumbling buildings and skyscrappers merged together in a rather magical mist of colours and intricate details.

  • Silent Seller, 2009

    Silent Seller, 2009

    MIXED MEDIA, 12cm x 16cm, SOLD

  • Night Light Djemaa el Fna

    Night Light Djemaa el Fna

    MIXED MEDIA, APPROX 35cm x 120cm, SOLD