Below are some short accounts of the journeys that have been of particular inspiration to Emmie’s work over the years.

  • Havana, Cuba

    Some of Emmie’s earliest work was inspired by Cuba, where time and the elements have not only revealed the building’s inner structure but also unearthed colours and details from past generations. Read More…

  • Ladakh, India

    An account of documenting travels into a remote valley in the Himalayas by a treacherous semi frozen river gorge to a spectacular enclave of Tibetan people, buildings and monasteries. Read More…

  • Cappadocia, Turkey

    This work is based on the impressions of the changing architecture, culture and colours of an overland train journey from England, through Eastern Europe to an area of caves and bizarre rock formations in Cappadocia, central Turkey. Read More…


  • Norway

    The collection of work is based on some of the sights and experiences of creating work and living at sea for four months and returning 3500 miles later to tell the tale.
    Read More…

  • Sailing South

    We left Plymouth harbour at the end of March with the looming threat of snow and headed in rough and cold seas, fast South at the mercy of the winds.
    Read More…

  • Coming Soon!


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