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04 Dec 17

A journey in pictures to 68 degrees North, The Sarah Wiseman Gallery, January 2018

emmie-van-biervliet news dec17 sarah-wiseman

Exhibiting in January 2018 at The Sarah Wiseman Gallery. A journey in pictures to 68 degrees North.


‘We scrambled to finish final preparations as conditions suddenly aligned themselves to set sail in late March bound for the Lefoten Islands in the Norwegian Artic circle. At 68 degrees North and at a rough speed of 5 knots we had a long journey ahead that would take many months. During my time on board I documented the dramatic changing landscape and ensuing journey. Sketching everyday as England turned to Ireland, to Scotland, the Sheltand islands and then the big push over to Norway riding on the back end of gale which pushed us over to the pristine landscape and meticulously cared for ‘huts’ on islands and inlets of the Norwegian coastline.

Travelling so slowly meant that I was often able to paint and sketch while sailing, being careful to listen out for changing weather when your whole world would suddenly tip sideways with paints, pens, water and half made work scattering in all directions unless fast enough to secure them! The wind and chopping seas would also lend themselves to capturing an atmosphere as you were sometimes buffeted from all sides and unplanned wave spray merging the colours on paper in interesting ways!’

The collection of work is based on some of the sights and experiences of creating work and living at sea for four months and returning 3500 miles later to tell the tale.

04 Dec 17

Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London from 13th – 15th December 2017

emmie-van-biervliet news dec17 mall-gallery

Emmie will be exhibiting six pieces at The Mall Galleries, London between 13th – 15th December. 35% goes to the charity UK Youth supporting youth initiatives around the UK.


Pleased to also be part of their curated ‘Storytelling’ show where the piece above will feature.

‘The piece is based on a time that I spent on art residency living in a cave in the fascinating area of Cappadocia in Turkey.

We encountered an old man selling antique jewellery (featured in the work) who began to tell us stories about the areas past and how likely it is that there are still many undiscovered underground cities and churches curved into the rocks. In the past when danger loomed, Cappadocians retreated underground into one of the 250 subterranean safe havens carved from the pliable volcanic ash rock called tuff. They blocked the access tunnels with round stone doors and sealed themselves in with livestock and supplies until the threat passed. There were defence tunnels and anyone unlucky enough to try and attack the cities might be harpooned by spears, fall down booby trapped holes or worse…

In 2013, when demolishing homes ringing the castle construction workers discovered entrances to a network of rooms and tunnels and may have unearthed the biggest hiding place ever found. Those tunnels led scientists to discover a multilevel settlement of living spaces, kitchens, wineries, chapels, staircases, and bezirhane—linseed presses for producing lamp oil, to light the underground city. There is still a lot to discover in this mystical area.’

20 Jun 17

Artist in Residence

news june16 artist-in-residence

Currently Artist in Residence sailing up past islands of foliage strown rooftop, through stormy seas and the Artic Circle where the sun never quite sets. More news to follow…

11 Apr 17

Exhibiting in New York 29th March until 2 April 2017

The Affordable Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion was very well attended this year with 15000 visitors and galleries from all over the world. An eclectic selection of Emmie's work was shipped and represented by Quantum Gallery

14 Dec 16

Book launch of 'A Wisp of Wisdom' at Blackwells Bookshop, illustrated by Emmie

A great evening was had by all at the launch of 'A Wisp of Wisdom' at Blackwells Bookshop in Oxford in December. 

A recap on the project...


We are eleven children's authors, an artist, a publisher, and a conservation project, working together to create a very special book.

Our book is inspired by traditional animal stories from the Korup forest in Cameroon: stories full of tricky tortoises, cunning monkeys, flies stronger than elephants, despicable crocodiles, and animals holding meetings up in the sky.

The tales are beautiful, and they are being lost. The children in the Korup have no books. (We mean this. No books. None.) They will never read their stories.

Our plan is simple: we have collected tales from the region's chiefs and elders. We borrow the stories, retell them in our book and then give them back.

We aim to give at least 2,000 free copies of our book to children in the Korup.

Please find more about the project or to buy a copy please visit:  Lantana Publishing

Also available at: Waterstones and Amazon

Featured in: The North Somerset teachers Book Award

The book launch evening: The North Somerset teachers Book Award Blackwells Launch

Featured in: The Bookseller


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