‘The Little Cloud’ is published!

We are pleased to say that ‘The Little Cloud’ is NOW available to order online! A fun, colourful, rhyming tale for little ones under 5 about a mischievous, changing cloud whizzing through the sky on an adventure. A father/ daughter collaboration. Find your copy from Troubador Publishing, Blackwell’s, Whsmiths, Foyles or on Amazon.  

A quirky, rhyming tale of a clouds adventure racing across the sky. 

The inspiration for “The Little Cloud” came as my father lay on my back, high in the Alps gazing at playful white clouds chasing each other in an indigo blue sky.

“In its beginning it did not know 

from where it came, 

or where to go…”

It is a poetic fairy tale about feelings and adventures as this little cloud floats up from earth and it races through ever changing skies. Twists and turns takes the cloud into unexpected and difficult directions until its  hopes are dashed and it falls back to earth in a splash but is this end or a new beginning?

One thing is for sure it is forevermore a giver of life and beauty .

Accompanied by fun, bright and uplifting illustrations with quirky details to spot by mixed media artist me! Emmie van Biervliet.

Interwoven into the story are learning and discussion points for little ones including about emotions, weather, the water cycle, colours and leadership.