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01 Dec 12

Christmas Show
Jerram Gallery, December 2012


Emmie was exhibiting at The Jerram Gallery Christmas show in Sherbourne, from 1st – 22nd December 2012. The work being shown was based on a a journey from London to Turkey overland charting the changing architecture and culture.

The Jerram Gallery
Half Moon Street
Dorset DT9 3LN

T 01935 815261


14 Jan 13

Singapore AAF
15th – 18th November 2012

The front page of The Straits Times talks about the success of this years Art Fair located in the Formula 1 pits.

To view the article as a downloadable pdf please click here.

14 Jan 13

Latin Collection
March 2012


Following a trip down the spine of Chile and into Argentina a collection of work was made based on the journey in particular the ancient trading between Chile, Peru and Bolivia. This area is know as the 'Tres Patitas' or 'three paws' and here is a no mans land where goods from the three countries come to be bought and sold. Lamas, women and men in their brightly coloured traditional outfits wonder around the market stalls. The article attached from El Mercurio, Chile's national newspaper, describes this unusual area with a short interview from the artist Emmie van Biervliet about the unusual scenes.

To view the article as a downloadable pdf please click here.

10 Nov 12

Journey to Cappadocia
Solo exhibition, 10th November – 1st December 2012

evb news westMeetsEast

Now on show, 'Journey to Cappadocia' is a solo exhibition taking place at The Wiseman Gallery in Oxford from 10th November through to 1st December 2012. A new collection of work is being shown based on the impressions of the changing architecture, culture and colours of a journey through Eastern Europe to an area of caves and bizarre rock formations in central Turkey.

For further details please visit the Sarah Wiseman Gallery, or the associated blogs: EmmieVB and The Flaneur Art Blog

Sarah Wiseman Gallery
40 – 41,  South Parade
Oxford OX2 7JL

T 01865 515 123

10 Oct 12

Art for Youth Exhibition
The Royal College of Art, 10th & 11th October 2012

evb news artForYouth

'Art for Youth London 2012' exhibiton will be taking place at The Royal College of Art on Wednesday 10th October and Thursday 11th October 2012 in aid of the charity UK Youth. I will be exhibiting a little collection of work based on a journey down the Thames and the eclectic skyline of the Northbank. For further detail please visit www.artforyouth.com.

Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore
London SW7 2EU


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