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07 Nov 16

'Intertwined layers' – 10th – 13th November 2016
Pop up Game of Thrones exhibition

emmie-van-biervliet news-nov16

Approached by HBO to create a piece for a Game of Thrones Gallery exhibition in East London, due to the air of magical realism and colours in Emmie's work. The exhibition ran from 10th – 14th November to celebrate season 6 and the forthcoming season 7.

The piece created combines intricately layered pages representing different scenes from the Game of Thrones which are both separate and intertwined. The piece aims to represent the air of intrigue and mystery of the story. The pages, when illuminated spotlight details of different key scenes carved into the book which then blend into the background when the light changes and other scenes become apparent like a miniature theatre.

The exhibition took place in East London, 135 Bethnal Green, E27DG.

10th – 11th November: 12pm – 9pm
12th – 13th November: 10am – 6pm

Articles about the exhibition were featured in NME magazine, Time out, The Londonist and Secret London

There is a short article about the piece and exhibition here

The piece is for sale and there maybe limited edition Copies also available, for further details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

03 Oct 16

'The Art of the Crayon' by Lorraine Bell

Emmie van Biervliet The Art of Crayon

Emmie's work has been featured in the mixed media part of the book 'The Art of the Crayon' by Lorraine Bell, Rockport Publishing 2016. The book is full of unusual and quirky ways of working with crayons including sculpture and resist techniques. It starts with the quote 'Artists are just children who refuse to put their crayons down' Al Hirshfield, artist, cartoonist 1903-2003. Over several pages it shows the work and goes into her way of working, here is an extract. 'Van Biervliet's process is to sketch and photograph wherever she goes. She approaches a potential subject from every angle, looking for subtleties in the structure around her. She will often combine ideas from two different cities or even countries, into one painting, re-creating the scene the way she sees it in her mind's eye. She describes each window or doorway as having a history and a future, and she weaves her story through theirs into her renderings'

The book can be found on Amazon at

26 Sep 16

AAF Singapore
17th – 19th November

Emmie van Biervliet AAF Singapore

A collection of work is winging its way to AAF Singapore for a show in 17th – 19th November in the Formula 1 pits represented by Quantum Gallery.

09 Jul 16

Workshop at 'On Form' Sculpture exhibition, Asthall Manor

evb news JUNE16-01

On Form – an exhibition exclusively dedidicated to stone sculpture. Return to its glorious Windrush Valley setting at Asthall Manor from Sunday, 12th June to Sunday, 10th July. It has over 260 sculltures by prestigious sculptors including Peter Randell Page from Uk, Switerzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. The work is incorporated into indoor and outdoor spaces, challenging the mainstream view of artwork being viewed in a white walled gallery.

Workshop: Emmie will be leading a creative, experimental and fun workshop in the grounds using the beautiful surroundings as a visual and textural resource. Materials will be provided but please bring any interesting textiles, paper or copies of photos you would like to incorporate into the pieces.

For more info and to book please click here.

13 Jun 16

'Wisp of Wisdom' Book Crowdfunding Campaign

evb news JUNE16-02

Now In the final week of this project to fund books going to the Korup forest in the Camaroon. Please support it/buy a book and share the link. It is based on some of the folklore tales of mesmorising animals that inhabit this jungle. For each book that is purchased here multiple copies are sent to the Camaroon. To fund the project further three limited edition prints (two below) of the illustrations and the original piece 'The Francolin's Legs' 17x23cm (above) by Emmie are available to buy with all proceeds going to the not for profit project campaign.  For more info please visit the Crowd funding Campaign

Thanks for the support.

evb news JUNE16-03

Limited edition jungle prints available: www.indiegogo.com/projects/cameroon-stories#/


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