Showing at The Mall Galleries 12-14th December

Emmie will be showing at the Mall Galleries between 12-14th December 2018 and has exhibited at this show annually since 2010. This is a group show with part of the funds generated through picture sales going directly to the children’s charity UK Youth. The pieces of work she’ll be showing for the first time were made while working from a sailing boat with the long term aim of a circumnavigation.  This show features the work of many talented artists and is well worth a visit during the day or at one of the busy evening events is well curated and a wide variety of work to be seen. There is an art auction on the first night, tickets can be bought beforehand from the website above or on the door.

‘Camel Nights’ Collection based on Bukhara in Central Asia

The idea for these pieces ‘Camel Nights’ had initially been conceived at this amazing camel trading festival which takes place each year at the full moon in November in Rajasthan, India. People flock into the town of Pushcar to celebrate, trade, pray and bath in the sacred waters and of course there is a great variety of camels to be seen near the picturesque town.  The pieces are mixed media gold leaf collages using a variety of paper to make up the layers in each of the cityscape pieces that glints even when there is no light on it.

‘Camel Nights collection’ This piece is based on Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Central Asia. The heart of the silk route. The intricate tile work and domes of this mausoleum was one of the highlights of the trip of the visit and a mesmerising spectacle when seen from above but equally when viewed from close up as you inspected each tile and then stood back to view building upon building in the Shar-i- Zinda necropolis, meaning ‘Living King’. I sketched it from within soon accompanied by several elegantly sari wearing women and outside it watching it for semi feral dogs.