Work featured on the front cover of Italian publication


Emmie’s work ‘Street life Havana’ have been featured on the front cover of ‘Cadere’ by a Cuban writer ‘Carlos Manuel Alvarez’ named in Mexico as one of Latin Americas 20 best writers. It is about the trials and tribulations of Cuban life, the book is hot off the press by an Italian publication ‘Sur’.
The picture was sketched and painted while in Havana a couple of years ago on a research trip. Due to the heat a 6am start was always made to sketch on the sea front with impressive but dilapidated buildings. ‘El Malecon’ as it is known is a busy road but also where people would congragate and often dance until late into the night. The majority of the bars and restaurants are still out of range of many of the Cubans due to the dual currency rates and as a result people, friends, families and lovers meet and spend time together in the streets and in particular on the big walls of the sea front defences. A part of the picture has been used which is also available as a Limited edition Giclee print ‘Street Life’ based on the famous Malecon beach front buildings in Havana. ‘Layered Memories is also available, the life on the inside pictured on the outside. Please enquire for more details.