Commission a Piece


Thank you very much who has organised to have a commission done this year they have taken me on different journeys, from the research and discovering new places, to learning about the person or family involved who is commissioning the piece if this is a more personal piece. Here is a quick run through of the process if you are interested in commissioning a piece of work:

Preliminary chat– Initially we will have an online chat to discuss the options and to find out some more details about what you the client are looking for.

Some of the questions to think about will include approximate size?

Is there a piece you have seen already that you like, why is that?

Brainstorming and information about your life (if this is a personal journey piece)

What aspects would you like to include?


Research– on the particular theme or building or place so I can have a good understanding about it.









Concept drawings– I will then come up with some concept drawings usually in pencil and maybe some with watercolours to have a little experiment with colours but mainly this is to try to work out the composition and that what has been included is as tallies up.

The Main Piece– The main piece will be started I often work on board when doing a mixed media piece but can also work on paper. A base will be sketched out and collage will start to work into the piece, usually paper but also sometimes items of significance or text and wording. This is quite fluid stage and is partly to create texture but also to work out roughly what colours work best where and see that the composition is going to hold together. Next comes the details. I tend to work in acrylics but also oil painting, oil pastels, pencils, pen it really depends on the piece. Acrylics tend to be very versatile as you can work in a subtle way with them but they can also be very vibrant.




























Finishing touches- At this stage I will check in with the client to show the progress and do the finishing touches and any tweaks and details as required.

Framing- I tend to frame all pieces in a similar way unless otherwise stipulated with a dark frame and light background. If you have a particular style or already have work done by a particular framer that is fine too and I will send over the work when it is finished.