Intertwined Layers

Approached by HBO to create a piece for a Game of Thrones Gallery exhibition in East London due to the air of magical realism and colours in Emmie’s work, a multilayered cityscape piece was developed. Intricate Limited edition pieces of the original are now available.

The piece is in the form of a large sculptural book with a wooden front cover. It is 60 high x35cm wide, sits upright when on show and combines a number of intricately layered pages representing different scenes from the Game of Thrones which are both separate and intertwined. The piece aims to represent the air of intrigue and mystery of the story. The pages, when illuminated spotlight details of different key scenes carved into the book which then blend into the background when the light changes and other scenes become apparent like a miniature theatre.

A version of the book is now available for sale please contact to arrange. The piece below shows it as it will be and is both dramatic by night when lit and shadows dance around the room and a more subtle delicacy by day when you can see all the details. Each piece by its nature will be slightly unique. It can be delivered at the beginning of June to the Uk or it will take slightly longer abroad.