‘The Art of the Crayon’ by Lorraine Bell

Emmie’s work has been featured in the mixed media part of the book ‘The Art of the Crayon’ by Lorraine Bell, Rockport Publishing 2016. The book is full of unusual and quirky ways of working with crayons including sculpture and resist techniques. It starts with the quote ‘Artists are just children who refuse to put their crayons down’ Al Hirshfield, artist, cartoonist 1903-2003. Over several pages it shows the work and goes into her way of working, here is an extract. ‘Van Biervliet’s process is to sketch and photograph wherever she goes. She approaches a potential subject from every angle, looking for subtleties in the structure around her. She will often combine ideas from two different cities or even countries, into one painting, re-creating the scene the way she sees it in her mind’s eye. She describes each window or doorway as having a history and a future, and she weaves her story through theirs into her renderings’

The book can be found on Amazon at Here