‘Intertwined layers’ – 10th – 13th November 2016 Pop up Game of Thrones exhibition

Approached by HBO to create a piece for a Game of Thrones Gallery exhibition in East London, due to the air of magical realism and colours in Emmie’s work. The exhibition ran from 10th – 13th November to celebrate season 6 and the forthcoming season 7.

The piece created combines intricately layered pages representing different scenes from the Game of Thrones which are both separate and intertwined. The piece aims to represent the air of intrigue and mystery of the story. The pages, when illuminated spotlight details of different key scenes carved into the book which then blend into the background when the light changes and other scenes become apparent like a miniature theatre.

The exhibition took place in East London, 135 Bethnal Green, E27DG. Articles about the exhibition were featured in NME magazine, Time out, The Londonist and Secret London. There is a short article about the piece and exhibition here

The piece is for sale and there maybe limited edition Copies also available, for further details please contact emmievb@hotmail.com