Exhibition: Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Exhibiting  January 13th – February 10th  at The Sarah Wiseman Gallery. A journey in pictures to 68 degrees North. www.wisegal.com

‘We scrambled to finish final preparations as conditions suddenly aligned themselves to set sail in late March bound for the Lefoten Islands in the Norwegian Artic circle. At 68 degrees North and at a rough speed of 5 knots we had a long journey ahead that would take many months. During my time on board I documented the dramatic changing landscape and ensuing journey. Sketching everyday as England turned to Ireland, to Scotland, the Sheltand islands and then the big push over to Norway riding on the back end of gale which pushed us over to the pristine landscape and meticulously cared for ‘huts’ on islands and inlets of the Norwegian coastline.

Travelling so slowly meant that I was often able to paint and sketch while sailing, being careful to listen out for changing weather when your whole world would suddenly tip sideways with paints, pens, water and half made work scattering in all directions unless fast enough to secure them! The wind and chopping seas would also lend themselves to capturing an atmosphere as you were sometimes buffeted from all sides and unplanned wave spray merging the colours on paper in interesting ways!’

The collection of work is based on some of the sights and experiences of creating work and living at sea for four months and returning 3500 miles later to tell the tale. www.wisegal.com